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All Flooring WA provide a range of carpet solutions for Perth homes and businesses. We supply and install all types of carpets at very competitive rates.

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Benefits of Installing Carpet in Your Perth Home

Carpets provide one of the most versatile floor covering. Many homeowners and commercial users opt for carpets thanks to the comfort, beauty, safety and many other benefits. This type of covering is slip-resistant, which is critical in homes with kids and the elderly. When it comes to variety, buyers are truly spoiled choice.

Carpets are available in in an array of designs and colors to suit varying tastes. This makes it easier to find the ideal product that complements a particular décor theme. Some of the benefits of choosing to cover floors with carpets include:

Ease of maintenance

Homeowners can keep their rug in mint condition easily by regularly cleaning using a vacuum machine. The covering requires prompt removal of stains or spills. In addition, it must be professionally cleaned at least once a year. A well-maintained carpet improves indoor air quality by reducing contaminants that can cause allergic reactions or illness.

Warmth and comfort

Carpets provide considerable underfoot comfort and a warm feeling, especially during winter months. It ensures that occupants can take advantage of actual thermal resistance or R-value. The fibers have a capacity to retain warm air for longer, which provides energy efficiency benefits. The surfaces are ideal for people to sit and play for extended periods without feeling cold or uncomfortable.



Rugs can help improve safety of floors by ensuring slip resistance, thus reducing the potential for accidents and the likelihood of serious injury. The surfaces help cushion the falls, particularly for toddlers who spend a significant amount of time running around. Elderly people are often injured after slipping and falling on smooth surfaces; hence, carpets are a better option.

To achieve the best possible protection, rugs must be coupled with a good quality underlay.

Reduces noise

When it comes to acoustics, carpets can reduce noises to create a quieter indoor environment. Underlays help minimize sounds made by floor impacts, including noises caused by objects dropping on the floor and footfalls. They achieve the objective by controlling sound reverberation, thus cut down the extent at which sounds stay within indoor spaces.


Buildings with hard floors are characterised by sound echoes, which make it difficult for people to hear speech communication clearly, particularly when speaking over the phone. The ability to reduce noise is useful in households with children.

The sound absorption capacity of fixtures, such as ceiling tiles and panels does not extend to floor impacts. For this reason, they cannot contribute significantly to the same overall reduction in ambient noise levels.