Flooring for New Homes

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Guide to Choosing Flooring for New Homes

As the floor is the key element of your rooms, you should select the appropriate one based on your budget, location, and lifestyle. Your first step lies in selecting the right material, colors, textures, shapes, and patterns for each room.

You have a wide range of materials to choose from such as:
• linoleum
• ceramic
• cork
• carpet
• wood

Be careful to source your requirements from a reputable store, as many sellers, with the help of latest gadgets, specialize in manufacturing and marketing fake stuff, which is difficult to differentiate from the original.
Popular flooring options include linoleum, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, and wood.

There are many options for those seeking wood flooring. You can choose from pine, oak, and other exotic options. Pair them with different selections such as edge details, surface textures, widths, gloss levels, and stains, to enhance the décor of your room.

Top Flooring Options

Flooring for New Homes

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Laminate is popular too, as it mimics the feel and looks of ceramic, brick, stone, and wood by printing a detailed and high-resolution image of the genuine material on it. Manufacturers of such floorings treat the material with a special coating, which, apart from resisting spills, protects the floor against wear, fading, and stains. Using this material allows you to create a flooring that looks authentic.


Vinyl, available in thousands of designs, is quite impressive too. Thanks to latest technologies, the product feels and looks like natural materials such as ceramic, slate, limestone, and hardwood.


Authentic linoleum floorings are extremely resilient, as they are manufactured using natural ingredients such as mineral pigments, linseed oil, ground cork or wood, and limestone. Its saturated and vivid colors create designs ranging from solid colors, and contemporary flecked patterns to traditional marbleized images.

Installation and Maintenance

Flooring for New Homes

All Flooring WA is a company that stands out from the rest when it comes to floor installation. Their prices are competitive and still, offer quality services.

Understand what floorings work best in specific locations. For example, bathroom flooring needs to withstand pooling water as well as humidity fluctuations. Hardwood is not a suitable choice as it can warp or buckle when subjected to moisture or still water. It is better to opt for water-resistant vinyl sheets and ceramic tiles.

For above and on grade opt for linoleum, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl sheet, laminate, and vinyl tile. If you plan to place the flooring on concrete floors, ensure that the concrete is moisture free prior to installation.

For below grade use engineered hardwood. Examine the maximum moisture emission level of the product you plan to use.

Remember, the flooring should suit your lifestyle, and enhance the décor of your home, and should meet your budget too. Remember to include the installation and maintenance costs of the raw materials. Choosing a flooring for new homes can be a daunting task, but this guide will help you select the appropriate one. All Flooring WA will be more than happy to provide a quote for your consideration.

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