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All Flooring WA provide a complete range of laminate flooring solutions for Perth homes and businesses. We can supply and install laminate floors in many different styles.

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Complete Guide to Laminate Flooring


Are you looking for flooring that is easy to install, maintain, looks good and also long lasting? Then don’t look beyond laminate flooring. One of the key reasons contributing to the popularity of this type of flooring is its ability to mimic other types. For example, one can print natural flooring materials such as ceramic tiles or hardwood planks with ease.

One of the key characteristic property of laminate flooring is its durability. This innate toughness comes from the makeup of the flooring material. Several layers of different materials are brought together in the case of this type of flooring. They are bound together using heat, pressure, as well as adhesion. This entire process put together is known as lamination.

You will be surprised to know that even though laminate flooring can be made to look like hardwood floor, they actually don’t contain any wood. In fact, the laminates are created using a combination of different types of resins, as well as a variety of fiberboard particles.



Laminate flooring offers a slew of benefits. Let us take a look at them one by one


While laminate flooring can look expensive, installing it will not burn a big hole in your pocket. The method using which this type of flooring is manufactured actually makes it much cheaper as compared to other forms of flooring. What is more, you will be also assured of lasting durability too.

Long Lasting

As mentioned earlier durability is another key strength of laminate flooring. The process of heating, pressure and the use of adhesion makes this type of floor extremely durable.


While being an economical option and also durable, laminate flooring also scores high on the aesthetics front.

Easy to clean

Maintain this type of flooring is a breeze. Regular sweeping or vacuum cleaning would keep the floor looking like new for ages.


Almost every top manufacturer offers long-term warranties on laminate flooring. The warranty range varies from a minimum of one year to several years.

Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate Laminate

Laminate flooring can be divided into different types based on the installation, as well as surface types. Let us take a look at them one by one.

  1. Glueless – Click

    This is one of the most popular types. As the name suggests, the entire installation can be done without the help of a glue. A pre-attached underpad is what aids the easy installation

  2. Glued type

    The joints are glued together in this type. The strong bond makes for a tough floor. The cost would be slightly higher than that of the glueless type.

  3. Pre-glued

    The joints in this type come with a readymade applied glue. The glue is moistened and activated before installation.

  4. Smooth

    This type of laminate flooring looks just like hardwood. You can also choose between the high gloss and low gloss varieties.

  5. Textured

    As the name suggests, this type comes with a textured finish.

  6. Distressed

    This type is durable, as well as offers an antiqued look to the floor.