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All Flooring WA provide a complete range of timber flooring solutions for Perth homes and businesses. We can supply and install all types of timber floors in many different styles.

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The Benefits of Timber Flooring

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, timber flooring is among your best flooring options. Wood’s natural look helps transform any house into a home. Australian timber is also available in a variety of colors, including Black Butt, Spotted Gum, and Jarrah. This selection ensures that you can find a flooring option to match any decor.

Timber Flooring

Timber Floor Lasts

Timber flooring offers many advantages beyond the aesthetic as well. It is considerably more durable than carpeting, lasting an average of 100 years if properly installed and maintained. By contrast, carpet flooring generally requires replacement every 10-15 years. Timber flooring can also be re-purposed at the end of its life, an option not possible with carpet flooring.

Timber Flooring

Easy to Clean

Timber flooring is also easy to clean. Carpeting is far more challenging to clean, frequently collecting dust and other allergens for its entire lifetime. The best way to clean timber flooring it is to sweep it every week or so with an antistatic mop, eliminating the dust and debris that accumulates on any floor. A monthly swipe with a damp mop using mist water or a cleaning product approved by your flooring’s manufacturer can also help keep it spotless. Do not use a wet or steam mop, as these can destroy your timber flooring’s surface coating.

Timber Flooring

If you follow these maintenance recommendations and avoid deep scratches caused by moving heavy furniture around without protective felt pads, your timber flooring will require very little repair. At worst, a light scuff back and recoat might be necessary in a decade.

Timber Flooring

Environmentally Friendly

Furthermore, timber flooring is a very green option. Australian timber is exclusively harvested from carefully managed forests, so everything removed is immediately replaced with a new plant. Timber also absorbs harmful CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, mitigating the global impacts of climate change. The production process also creates relatively little air pollution, averaging less than two tonnes while ceramic tile averages five, steel frames 11, and concrete 12. Finally, wood is biodegradable whereas carpeting, vinyl, and tile are not.

Timber Flooring

Health Benefits

A recent study by Planet Ark titled “Wood-Housing, Health, Humanity” discovered that introducing timber to your home offers some surprising health benefits. Emotional well-being and levels of self-expression both improved in the presence of wood, while stress levels, heart rate, and blood pressure all decreased. Timber also moderates humidity in the home, improving indoor air quality and helping to mitigate certain common allergies. Add in the benefits for the planet described above, and it is easy to see why timber has 25 percent of Australia’s flooring market and climbing!

Timber Flooring


If you want to maximize the benefits of timber flooring, utilise the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA). ATFA is a member-based organization committed to sharing information about timber flooring to the community and flooring industry. Most of the organization’s members are certified timber flooring contractors, but flooring manufacturers, adhesive manufacturers, coating manufacturers, and their partners also participate. Selecting ATFA-approved timber and having it installed by a member contractor is the first step toward ensuring that your floor lasts a lifetime.

Timber Flooring

In conclusion, timber flooring is cleaner, easier to maintain, and greener than most other flooring options. It offers significant health benefits, and is a longer term solution than the carpeting many contractors choose. Why settle for an inferior material when a superior one is so readily available?