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Whatever your floor, a rug adds a ping of colour, a dash of style and brings out the best features of your home. All Flooring WA have a rug for every budget – our collection starts at $100!

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The Benefits Of Rugs

What are the benefits of rugs and what kind are out there? How do you choose rugs for the rooms in your home? Find out the answers below.


Area rugs are stylish.

They can add color, pattern, and texture to any room in your home. Best of all, you can choose rugs that reflect your personality and taste in style. If you don’t want to paint your walls or hang pictures up in a room, then add a rug or two.

If you add an area rug to your living room or an entertainment room, then the room will become more inviting and a warm touch will be added. This is because rugs can create a cozy feeling, especially when the weather turns cold.

Sound reduction is another benefit area rugs offer.

Rugs can reduce noise, such as the sound of walking or when you drop something onto the floor. They also protect you from slipping on the floor and can prevent hard surfaces, like wood, from being scratched.

Versatility is another advantage of rugs.

You can easily move area rugs from one room to another. When the time comes to move house, you can easily bring them with you. They can be mixed and matched too.

Types Of Rugs Available

Rug pads, what is found underneath the rug, are an important component of rugs. Some pads are made of natural rubber, which is ideal for preventing rugs from sliding on surfaces that are hard.

There are also PVC rug pads, which may cause damage to some surfaces, but they are inexpensive. Felt is another material that is often used to create rug pads.Felt pads are ideal for large rugs, especially when anchored by large items, such as furniture. A combo of felt and natural rubber is sometimes used. This material offers the benefits that natural and felt offer.

As for the different types of area rugs available, there are many. Regardless of the type of rug you get, the chances are it will have either a PVC pad, felt pad, natural rubber pad or a combo of felt and natural rubber.

The different types include wool, cotton and jute and sisal rugs. Others include silk, nylon and polyester rugs. These are only a few examples of what you will find on the market.


  • For the bedroom, go for a cotton area rug that is either silk, wool or cotton.
  • For the living room, feel free to mix things up and get wool/silk rug that has bold colors or you can go for a woodpile cut rug made from cotton or silk.
  • For the dining room, it’s a good idea to go for a cut pile wool carpet. As for the bathroom, you want to buy a high-quality rug that is soft and absorbent.

Now you know about the different types of rugs available and how to go about choosing one. If you want to experience the previously discussed benefits and more, then buy a few rugs today.