How To Store And Move Rugs

store and move rugs

Tips on How To Store And Move Rugs

Oriental rugs are exquisite and they are delicate as well. As such, special care should be taken as it relates to moving and storing them. For example, dirt should be removed from the rug before it is moved or put in storage. If your rug is large and cannot be cleaned properly at home, you should consider having it professionally cleaned before moving or storing it.

How to Move Rugs

  • Keeping a rug flat is the best way to move it. However, if this is not practical, the next best option is to roll it up tight enough that it remains stable during the shipping process but it should not so tight that it becomes crumpled.
  • Your rug should never be folded as this will, most likely, cause the rug to become creased. If the rug is aged and has become a bit brittle, folding could even result in the rug breaking. If it becomes creased during the moving or storage process, the creases could possibly be rubbed out by moving your hands over the creases and outward in the direction of the fringe.
  • If removing the creases has to be done with an iron, it should be done in the direction of the pile; ironing against the pile is never a good idea. If the creases are not very obvious, sometimes all you will need to do is to give the rug a good shake to get it to look good again. If you plan to roll your rug, it is typically best to have the pile facing inward. However, this should not be done if the pile is fragile or the structure is weak.

How to Store Rugs

  • After you have completed the move, your rug might have to be stored for a while before it is installed in the new location. If this is the case, it is important that it is kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Additionally, if it will be stored over the long term, it is important to ensure that it is periodically rotated.

Proper moving and storage of your Oriental rug will ensure that it can be enjoyed for many years to come. Therefore, if you’re moving or planning to store your rug for a while, you can follow the previously-mentioned guidelines on how to store and move rugs.

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