The Best Decorative Rugs For The Dining Room


Tips in Choosing Decorative Rugs For The Dining Room

Trying to find the right rug for your dining room, one that’s both stylish and functional can be harder than you might think. These tips can help you find the perfect match from the wide variety of decorative rugs for dining room that is available.


It’s important to choose the right size rug so that it really anchors the room. Your room will feel smaller than it actually is if your rug is too large, and chairs may get snagged on the rug. Several smaller rugs tend to create focal points, while a rug that’s just too large looks more like carpeting.

The ideal dining room rug is the same shape as your dining room table to give a symmetrical feel and look. And as far as its size, a good rule of thumb is to have a rug that’s large enough to be placed under the table plus the chairs when people are seated at the table. Use a marker and a rule to figure out the right size.

Colour and Pattern

Your rug should be able to withstand the constant movement of people and chairs, and the best colour is one that matches the existing décor and look of the room. A lighter colour won’t hide stains or spills as effectively and is also more difficult to clean, while bold colours tend to draw the eye and can also help to hide the fact that the rug is off center. A brighter coloured rug can also draw attention away from a floor that needs to be renovated or refinished.

The Right Material

The best decorative rugs for dining room are often outdoor rugs, as they tend to have a flat weave and a low pile, making them more practical for all that traffic as well as easier to clean. Although it can be tempting to go with a plush and luxurious Moroccan style rug or something else that has a high pile, like a shag rug, unfortunately they just aren’t the most practical choice for the dining room. Crumbs can get caught in the higher piles, and it is also a challenge to pull your chair in and out of the table if you have one of these rugs on the floor.

However, guidelines when it comes to colour and style are only meant to be guidelines, and of course you should go with a dining room tug that you actually like. Look for something that accentuates the space, is just as practical and also a rug that won’t break the bank.

Whatever your floor, a rug adds a ping of colour, a dash of style and brings out the best features of your home. All Flooring WA have a rug for every budget – you can contact us today.

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